Inverted perspectives and the cosmos

Just at the point when one thinks one has finally grasped Andreas Eriksson’s works, disappointment sets in. If one dwells for too long on a single aspect of his complex oeuvre, it begins to take on series of new turns, and in the long run insistently disturbs the notion – so dear and familiar to us – that a group of works must be directly coherent. However, it is precisely this moment of confusion and disappointment that generates the quality and appeal of the work to an equal extent. While the viewer walks through the exhibition space or leafs through the catalogue, somewhere between photography and painting, between sculpture and installation, a dazzling, centrifugal and expansive work begins to unfold. A fascinatingly heterogeneous and unorthodox approach to the different genres, techniques and styles of recent art history, which have determined Eriksson’s work for almost a decade. (…)

Dr. Martin Engler, Kunstverein Hannover, Hannover 2008

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