The current situation has changed our daily life but we accept it with optimism and hope. The temporary lockdown is a tough and necessary measure that, hopefully, will pave the way to a new challenging world. We trust in the power of art even in times of crisis and would like to send a positive signal.
For the exhibition JOINT GESTURE, the artists each provide two new, or at least very current, works of art. AND, for one of those they ask only half of the regular price. Conrads are adding two works by each of the other above-mentioned artists from their collection. One of each is also available at 50% of the price. In the event of sale of an artwork from our collection, a transfer of a half will be done to the Düsseldorf homeless aid FiftyFifty.

You are welcome on SATURDAY, 23 May 2020, from 11 am–8 pm.
Walter Conrads & Helga Weckop-Conrads
Jenssen<br>CONRADS, 2020
Puklus<br>CONRADS, 2020
de vries<br>CONRADS, 2020
Laing<br>CONRADS, 2020
Hirosuke, Grosse<br>CONRADS, 2020
Puklus<br>CONRADS, 2020
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