mounir fatmi
History is not mine

History is not mine is an artist book published at the occasion of the 10th Bamako Biennial for Photography. The video History is Not Mine, is a direct response to the Printemps de Septembre in Toulouse (2012), which was entitled The History is mine. On this occasion, Technologia, an installation by Mounir Fatmi mixing Koranic verses with elements inspired Rotoreliefs Marcel Duchamp had been withdrawn due to incidents caused by some passersby.

The book gathers an introduction by Emma Chubb, a text by mounir fatmi and A Letter to a Censored Artist, by Marc Lenot, a.k.a Lunettes Rouges, a art critic on Le Monde, French newspaper.

18 x 11 cm, 208 pages, 2015
ISBN: 979-10-90680-01-2


The Kissing Precise is an artist book putting together the recent works by Mounir Fatmi: Casablanca Circles, The Death of the Straight Lines, Kissing Circles, Intersections, Circles.

These artworks have for common ground the poem written by Frederick Soddy “The Kiss Precise”. Nobel Prize in Chemestry, 1921, Frederick Soddy has written the solution to Descartes’ Theorem in this poem.

This book is published by the Editons La Muette – Au bord de l’eau, Brussels in english and french.
Introduction by Barbara Polla, text by Régis Durand and a conversation between mounir fatmi, Barbara Polla and Régis Durand.

21 x 28 cm, 208 pages, 2014
ISBN : 9782356873118

mounir fatmi

Mixology was first produced as work of video art (2010, 11’4), in which two black spinning discs painted with white Islamic calligraphic hadiths appear as records on a DJ’s mixing table. The visuals are accompanied by an equally complex mixture of distorted, often piercing, electronic sounds and excerpts of classical music over the unsettling noise produced by the record-player needle as it scrapes away at the paint.

The CD consists of sounds made during the creation of this video. Each of the eight tracks superimposes – or alternates between – ready-made fragments of classical music and improvised electronic sounds, together with disconcerting noises generated by the turning discs and other, at times unidentifiable, processes.

Released in January 2013 by StudioFatmi
Sounds by mounir fatmi
Text by Siobhan Shilton, University of Bristol
Photos by Sueraya Shaheen.

Suspect Language

This book is published in the collection Images Affranchies directed by Brahim Alaoui.
Text by Lillian Davies, French/ english.

graphic design
Studio Fatmi, Skira

Skira Editore, Italie
24,5 x 30,5 cm, 256 pages, 2012
Distribution Skira Flammarion

mounir fatmi
Fuck the Architect

Lowave editions
28 x 21 cm, 256 pages, 2009

With texts by Paul Ardenne, Naomi Beckwith, Nicole Brenez, Martina Corgnati, Ariel Kyrou, Marc Mercier, Pierre-Olivier Rollin, Jérôme Sans, Evelyne Toussaint and two interviews by Frédéric Bouglé and by Evelyne Toussaint.
This monography also features an interview with David Hilliard, Black Panthers.

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