Since the 1990s, Katharina Grosse (b. Freiburg, 1961) has built up a repertoire consisting of large painted canvasses and bright acrylic colours sprayed onto both interior and exterior walls, ceilings and floors. It is a way of working related to Colour Field Painting and Abstract Expressionism, between Impressionism and graffiti, performance, process and installation art. She investigates the limits of painting by using different concepts belonging to contemporary and traditional artistic expression, in which making and presenting paintings continues to occupy an important place.

The spray gun and the spray can are the tools that Grosse employs. Canvasses, strips of paper, walls and ceilings, as well as organic materials and objects are her supports. Re-use is central to Grosse’s work, so that the development of her ideas becomes visible and transparent. This accessibility ensures that the viewer becomes part of the painting process, as he has to immediately look for points of contact and to reconstruct the different parts from which Grosse’s narrative installations are constructed.

KATHARINA GROSSE<br/>each: Untitled, 1999, original silk screen print<br/>on Velin Arches Bütten 400, 137,5 x 102 cm, Ed. 30 /ed. of 30
each: Untitled, 1999
Original silk screen print
on Velin Arches Bütten 400
137,5 x 102 cm
Ed. 30 /ed. of 30


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