inst. view Katharina Grosse, Galerie Conrads 2005
inst.view Rosemary Laing, Galerie Conrads, 2017
inst. view herman de vries, Galerie Conrads 2017
inst.view Yang Jiechang, Galerie Conrads 2010
Yang Jiechang "Underground Flowers", 1989, inst.view Galerie Conrads 2010
Sascha Weidner "lay down close by" inst. Galerie Conrads, 2012

CONRADS, founded 1992 by

Walter Conrads, education: Painting at Kunstakademie Düsseldorf, Akademiebrief + Studies of Art Science, Kunstakademie Duesseldorf M.A.

Helga Weckop-Conrads, education: Albertus Magnus University Cologne, M.A. Sience of Theatre, Film, Media, Art History, M.A.

From it´s inception, the gallery´s program focus on both, new and mid-career artistic positions, and established artists creating a dialog between different generations of artists of different cultural backgrounds and working with all media. Though the form and focus of these artists' work varies significantly, their practices overlap in a number of key areas: an engagement with general and fundamental themes that culture has historically dealt with, an interest in aesthetics and a willingness to engage with the poetic as well as the critical and the political.

In a globalized world it is significant that the gallery´s program includes several essential non western positions. Among others:

Boris Mikhailov, born 1938, Ukraine  (Artfacts ranking position 214)

Malick Sidibé, 1936–2016, Mali (Artfacts ranking position 1156) 

Mounir Fatmi, born 1970, Marocco (Artfacts ranking position 260)

Rosemary Laing, born 1959, Australia (Artfacts ranking position 2205)

Guy Yanai, born1977, Israel

Cooperations with other institutions are an essential part of the gallery´s conception. Conrads publish monographs on artists of the gallery and participate in international artfairs since 1992, among others Art Cologne (since 1992), Art Brussels, ARCO Madrid, Paris Photo, Untitled Miami