Sascha Weidner, Idiosyncratic II, 2011, pigmentprint, 110 x 110 cm, ed.5
Sascha Weidner Fragmente II, 2013, pigmentprint, 70 x 70cm
Sascha Weidner, Nightcall II, 2013, pigmentprint, 70 x 70 cm, ed.5

Karambolage, hautnah

Sascha Weidner works within a radical subjective pictorial world. This world is greatly influenced by the perceptions, longings and dreamed images of a generation whose credo can perhaps be best described by the slogan NO FUTURE – MUCH PRESENT. The drums batter away in the background, the guitars scrape. It sounds like punk, but is, in fact, the next, and next-again, and next-next-again generation: now the rhythms are more melodic, and the melodies are gentler. Sascha Weidner’s photographs are...  [more]