Rosemary Laing flight research #5, 1999, c-type photograph, 124 x 260 cm
Rosemary Laing, leak: eddie 2010, c-type photograph 124 x 271 cm
Rosemary Laing, paper, 2013, c-type print, 110 x 203 cm

Rosemary Laing

EXHIBITION THE PAPER 2017 Rosemary Laing is internationally recognised as a leader in the field of concept-based photo media. Trained as a painter, Laing has explored conceptually based photography and performance since the 1980s. Laing's work is all about dramatisation, using people, props and stunts to create performances in which the landscape symbolises something other than the "usual". From these elements Laing crafts beautiful, hyperreal images that seem impossible. ...  [more]