That one French Painting on wood led me to further investigate wooden supports. Answering the question, "What is a painting," in its most material aspect, I thought it is a box with paint applied on its front surface. I then constructed wooden boxes or flat wooden supports spaced from the wall which I painted with enamel, household enamel or sign painting paint, then enamel paint found in shops where I worked: in Munich, Dusseldorf, London and Paris.
Fire Red, 1994, enamel on plywood
Meisterpreis Maigruen, 1990, enamel on plywood, 40,5 x 40,5 cm ©CONRADS Duesseldorf
CWS Papyrusweiss, 1990, enamel on plywood, 80 x 80 cm ©CONRADS Duesseldorf
Tollens Lidoll,Squale, 1991, enamel on plywood, 140 x 140 x 7 cm ©CONRADS Duesseldorf
New York Colours, Ivory, 1993, enamel on wood, 63 x 63 x 9 cm
New York Colours, Maroon, 1993, enamel on wood, 73 x 73 x 7 cm
New York Colours, Vermilon, 1993, enamel on wood, 63 x 63 x 9 cm