marcia hafif

Pale Painting: 3 NY 07, 2007, oil on canvas 20 x 20 in.
Glaze Paintings - studio installation 1995
Fire Red, 1994, enamel on wood, 22 x 22 in.

Ellie and I walked down the hill yesterday,

Text from: Peter Clothier, The Buddha Diaries, Wednesday, August 29, 2007 late afternoon, to enjoy a glass of wine with our neighbor, the artist Marcia Hafif. A painter in the tradition of minimalist, monochromatic work, she's just completing a new series of bichromatic paintings and has them hanging in her living room. I didn't count them, but I guess there are perhaps a dozen of them, each square divided vertically into two non-equal parts whose graduated width evokes the rhythmic...  [more]