Better Rooms, 2013, oil and collage on canvas, 190 x 270 cm
Northern European (Holte), 2011, oil and collage on canvas, 162 x 213 cm
Music School, 2013, oil, watercolor and collage on paper, 80x120 cm

Blaise Drummond

EXHIBITION 2013 Blaise Drummond was born in Liverpool in 1967. But he has lived and worked in Ireland for many years. His influences include 1960s American land art, punk rock, the characteristic architecture of Le Corbusier and Alvar Alto, the notes made by writer Henry D. Thoreau during his stay at Walden, and the landscape paintings of Caspar David Friedrich. These sources of inspiration may at first glance seem widely disparate, but all are concerned with contradictions between nature and...  [more]