beat streuli, wallpaper, installation view at Conrads, 2007 @conrads, duesseldorf/berlin
beat streuli, bruxelles 05/06, 2006, c-print in plexiglasbox , 60 x 90 cm, ed. of 3 ©conrads, duesseldorf/berlin
beat streuli solo exhibition mac´s grand hornu, belgium ©conrads, duesseldorf/berlin

Beat Streuli

Beat Streuli is one of the most compelling contemporary revitalizers of a kind of street photography that has a long lineage. Moreover, while Streuli’s peculiar blend of photography, film, advertisements, and information flow on the internet is unmistakably of this time, he’s also related to an idea and orientation at the very root of Modernism, namely Charles Baudelaire’s notion of the flâneur. In his famous essay “The Painter of Modern Life”, here’s what Baudelaire had to say about the...  [more]